Join the Team

We are looking for great investigators in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our case load is growing and we need solid investigators to help get it done.

Almost 20 Years Investigating as a TAPS Family Team

Having recently moved to Virginia, we are now looking to build upon our local investigation team. We are on the lookout for investigation team members to help with a range of duties. This can range from investigators to research, administration and other support help. These are all VOLUNTARY positions – not paid. If you are interested, please review the requirements below and fill out the application.


  • Must live within a 1 hour drive of Lynchburg, VA
  • Must have valid state ID
  • Must be a team-player understanding that the best work comes when we work well together.
  • Be respectful of team members, clients and our equipment.
  • Be responsible and professional in all communications.
  • Attendance of regular meetings may be required to maintain team status.
  • Must be capable and responsive with all team communications including email, phone calls, video conferencing. Much of this may happen over Facebook or video calls.
  • Understand that all work with GhostStop Investigations is voluntary work for our clients. This does not constitute employment status with the GhostStop, LLC business.
  • You must have time available for investigations which will be scheduled in a respectable time and evidence review. Investigations are typically evenings and weekends. Review and reports must be conducted within 1 week of investigation completion.
  • If you are a part of another team, that’s no problem. We don’t mind if you already have another team and want to stay active with your other team. We do not impose any kind of team exclusivity. We like working together with all teams.