Paranormal Investigations of Central Virginia

GhostStop Investigations (GSI) is here to help you! Whether you are dealing with ghostly or other type of paranormal phenomena in your home or business or just need some advice, GSI can help. With many years of experience working with some of the best in the field, GSI has the knowledge and experience to provide helpful advice. Since GSI is made up of GhostStop’s core veterans who are respected in the field as the go-to techs and and developers of ghost hunting equipment you can be sure we’ll bring the top paranormal equipment around. We take pride in our professionalism, knowledge of our gear and our ability to help our clients understand what may be happening.

Ghost Hunting Investigations in Virginia and Beyond…

We conduct paranormal investigations primarily in Central Virginia. Our office is located in Historic Downtown Lynchburg, VA. Investigations in your home or business are completely free of charge. If you’re interested in paranormal research yourself, there are plenty of ghost hunting articles and ghost hunting equipment reviews we are happy to share.

NOTE: We have moved from Florida to Virginia in July 2023. For Florida investigations or areas beyond our typical reach, search our curated list of other ghost hunting teams around the world.

“We are so grateful we found GhostStop Investigations. We are finally at peace.”

– Client, Orlando, FL

We are a proud and active TAPS Family Team.

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