Join the Team

Occasionally we are on the lookout for investigation team members to help with a range of duties. This can range from investigators to research, administration and other support help. These are all VOLUNTARY positions – not paid. If you are interested, please review the requirements below and fill out the application.


  • Must have valid state ID
  • Must be a team-player understanding that the best work comes when we work well together.
  • Be respectful of team members, clients and our equipment.
  • Be responsible and professional in all communications.
  • Attendance of regular meetings may be required to maintain team status.
  • Must be capable and responsive with all team communications including email, phone calls, video conferencing. Much of this may happen over Facebook or video calls.
  • Understand that all work with GhostStop Investigations is voluntary work for our clients. This does not constitute employment status with the GhostStop, LLC business.
  • You must have time available for investigations which will be scheduled in a respectable time and evidence review. Review and reports must be conducted within 1 week of investigation completion.

Whether you are looking to join a team or research paranormal investigations yourself, there are plenty of ghost hunting articles and ghost hunting equipment reviews we are happy to share.

Application Form