The Team

GhostStop is made of up a paranormal investigators with a specific passion for equipment used in the field. Below is a little glimpse into the crew that makes up the GSI team.

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Team Lead
Having managed a TAPS family member team Shawn has worked with some of the most notable in the paranormal field providing technical expertise and designing custom equipment for teams and in the background of many of those TV shows. This experience eventually lead him to start GhostStop where he and his crew create and sell ghost hunting equipment around the world. Shawn is the resident hard skeptic that truly puts potential evidence to the test. When he’s not investigating he’s running the shop, being creative, or clearing his mind on his motorcycle. He also knows way too much about Star Wars…



Lead Investigator
Growing up in a military family, Tim has lived all over, including a few years in Japan.  He graduated from UCF then served a few years as an officer in the Army National Guard.  He has had a lifelong interest in the unexplained. He spent four years as manager of a Floriday-based TAPS family team.  He brings a healthy blend of skepticism and open-mindedness on investigations, and has a love for new gadgets and experimentation.  He is also our resident knowledge-base on parallel universes, time travel and other fringe phenomena. Tim is regularly known as Inspector Gadget. His tackle box is known for an assortment of investigation necessities including batteries, Snickers and 5-Hour Energy shots.



Client Care
Born in Chicago, Stef moved to Florida in high school and has always had an interest in the paranormal. With her open mind, she seeks answers and loves to ask questions. As our client care representative, Stef is typically the first person our clients speak with. She loves game show theme music. Just ask her to hum one for you.



Tech Manager
He’s just a small town guy, livin’ in a lonely world! Originally from the New Jersey country side Graham appreciates the little things in life. Graham’s love of technology keeps him on the cutting edge of every pixel. As a manager of a TAPS Family team, Graham has been investigating quite a long time building his experiences and utilizing his technical knowledge to conduct thorough investigations. Graham has been blessed with a superior power to fall asleep at a moment’s notice. Even while writing this bio… I am… getting… ZZzzzzzzz



Investigator & Host
As an investigator, Phil has the technical know-how and a healthy work ethic. He will get it done and you can’t stop him. Phil also hosts our ghost tours and tag-along investigations. Phil moved to Florida in 95 where he and Shawn met and realized they had a shared life-long passion for the paranormal. Although from Jersey, Phil says he doesn’t fist pump – but we’ve caught him on night vision rockin’ it Jersey-style.




Research & Administration
Jen is one of the few central Florida natives left on this planet. Otherwise known as the ‘Google Queen’, Jen can find out anything about any place or any one. It’s a bit scary really. Her sometimes-annoying organizational habits keep us all in check. Jen is also our resident medical adviser, Candy Crusher and keeps us well-informed on what the Hollywood celebrities are up to. She’ll also regularly make sure we are well aware of the most recent viral cat meme.



Paul Bradford, of Ghost Hunters International, originally comes from over the pond in Britain. Paul’s interests in the paranormal doesn’t come from any personal experiences but rather from his love of science and watching way too much sci-fi television. Having served as the tech manager for SyFy’s Ghost Hunters International television show, Paul has developed and designed a number of tools used on the shows and by teams all over the world. When not hunting ghosts, Paul spends his time shootings things on the Xbox and pretending he’s flying around space and time saving the galaxy in a blue phone booth he built himself.



As an engineer working in infrared systems in the aerospace industry, Ken brings a wealth of knowledge in the realms of physics and technology. Even though he can not say what he does on a daily basis we know he’s up to some ‘secret agent man’ type stuff. Known as Chainsaw Wolf, Ken has also worked in the entertainment industry for many, many years – specifically at Halloween Horror Nights scaring guests to the point of uncontrolled bodily functions.



Tony is a long-time investigator with skeptical mind and an analytical background. He’s just as comfortable behind the wheel of a NASCAR hot rod as he is with an EMF meter. Just don’t give him a skateboard…


We have a number of alternate team members who we call for specific needs ranging from technical expertise to metaphysical. So, no matter your need, we have you covered…


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